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We keep your computers running
RSETech is a full service consulting firm. We will support you from the initial network design and implementation through end-user training and support. If you already have your computers and/or network, we can make sure that it is running efficiently, keeping your business running smoothly.
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What RSETech can do for your business

RSETech has been providing IT support since 1979 when PCs were in there infancy.

Regardless of your industry or business, RSETech will make sure your computers do what your workflow requires.

Network Administration for Small Business
All networks require proper administration. We provide the highest level of network administration.

Network and Desktop Design and Implementation
Having a professional design and implement you network will give your business the solution it needs.

Remote Monitoring and Management
Computers are under attack by everything from malware to user error.  We monitor and proactively resolve issues.

Disaster Prevention and Data Recovery
Your business depends upon being able to use your computers and access your data. We help you keep your business running and recover quickly from disastrous events.

End-User Training and Support
The ‘How To’ your users need backed by over 32 years of PC and Network experience.

List of Areas of Expertise
Partial list of how our business can help your business.

Remote Monitoring and Management - RMM

What is RMM? It is a tool that is used to monitor each computer at your business 24 X 7 and using that information, better manage the state of your computers. By checking a dashboard, RSETech sees the status of the critical and important aspects of each PC and, when needed, issues can be immediately remediated. More details on RMM are below – but first…

Why do you need RMM?

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • If you had a nail in your tire, would you like to know before your tire went flat?
  • If your credit card information was compromised, would you want to know before someone used that information?
  • If an earthquake were coming would you want to know before it hits?

You most likely answered YES to each of these questions. For each situation, there is a solution:

  • New cars have tire pressure monitors that will alert you if one tire is losing air before it goes totally flat.
  • There are many services that monitor your credit information and alert you if it is compromised.
  • New technology exists that monitors ground movement in high risk geological areas and alert you if there is a high chance of a quake.

All three solutions have two words in common – MONITOR and ALERT.

Now – answer this question for your computers: Would you like to know if your computers are at risk for or have an issue that can cause the computer to fail or operate slowly before it affects productivity?

Your answer should be yes – and that is what RMM does.

RMM Vs. Break-Fix

The average computer user works happily day to day never concerned with how their PC is working – until it’s not working. Then they scramble to get it fixed hoping that it won’t take long and that they haven’t lost any valuable data. This is called ‘break-fix’.

The computer breaks, you get it fixed.

Computers don’t suddenly break, they degrade over time. During this time productivity drops and the computer typically slows down. When the computer is monitored using RMM the computer status is always known and when issues start they can be resolved before they are noticed and the computer ‘breaks’.

In addition, computer update availability is monitored and security/performance patches are installed when available.


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