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RSETech keeps your computers running, up-to-date and ready to support your changing needs.
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Every computer network, regardless of size, requires administration and maintenance. RSETech has been providing professional support and consulting services since 1977.

Administration and Management:

Computer networks are not static – they change over time. Users come and go, new hardware replaces old. Software is added or updated. Operating systems need updates and patches. It is the network administrator’s job to make sure this happens smoothly without any impact to usability of the network. If your computers aren’t working, neither are your users!


Computers and networks degrade over time. Every time you visit a web site. open an email or insert a thumb drive you run the risk of picking up a virus or malware. Periodic maintenance insures that your network and all the computers and peripherals attached to it run quickly and efficiently. Every unnecessary minute spent waiting for your computer costs you money!


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