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For many companies, patching has become an unmanageable liability. Two-thirds of organizations struggle with prioritizing and keeping up with updates, and the cost of falling behind can be massive. Unpatched systems and software provide easy openings for cyber attacks, which cost businesses an average of $3 million in 2018, according to the Ponemon Institute.

 How can you stay secure without updates slowing you down? RSETech can help.

Solution: Worry-free, hassle-free patching from RSETech

Windows Updates

We take the guesswork out of Windows patching and ensure you never miss a critical fix.  

3rd-party Updates

We keep your software secure and running smoothly with the latest features and fixes.

Off-hours Scheduling

We deploy updates around your employees’ busy schedules. That means no disruptions.

Clear Reporting

Get peace of mind knowing your devices are compliant and secure. 

Take the pain out of patching. Let RSETech handle OS and software updates so you don’t have to.