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About RSETech
RSETech has been providing support to both individual and business computer users since 1979.  While the needs of computer users has changed over the years the commitment of RSETech to provide the highest level of support to it’s customers has not.

01. Experienced

Supporting computer users since the advent of the personal computer in 1979.

02. Professional

Developing the knowledge and skills required to support business IT needs.


Maximizing the user’s experience and productivity.

The RSETech Philosophy is Simple.

A small business shouldn’t have to pay a six-figure salary for the highest level of quality support. First – we believe that every computer network, small or large, has to be designed correctly and regularly monitored and maintained to help the computer users to reach their highest level of productivity. Next – all computers and networks degrade over time. Hardware fails, hard drives get filled up and computers are attacked by viruses and other malware. In addition, operating systems get updates, some that break the computer instead of fixing it, users install programs they shouldn’t or the connection to the Internet is not stable. Without proper maintenance, problems happen more often and their severity increases. These incidents can slow down your computers. Even small delays in a single computer’s response time can adversely impact the user’s productivity and cause lost profits. Now, multiply that loss by the number of computers in your business and by how much each system is used each day. Your losses can grow very quickly. The productivity lost by just one user in a month could exceed the cost of a new computer. While every component in a business network requires periodic preventive maintenance, the amount of time spent on any individual, well maintained component is short. In less than an hour per month for a PC, or a few hours for a server per month, a network can be kept running at its peak efficiency. Well maintained systems also have fewer unexpected failures and small problems are caught before the become big. RSETech becomes your IT department. Depending on the size and complexity of your network, in a few hours per month to a few hours per week, we help keep your business running and you are paying only for the amount of work you require.
Richard S. Edelman

Richard S. Edelman


Richard S. Edelman has been in computer sales, support and consulting since the release of the first personal computer, the MITS Altair 8800 in 1975. When the IBM PC was released in 1980, the ‘Personal Computer’ was introduced into small and medium businesses. Richard focused on learning and honing the skills that would support the small business market. Over the years he developed the philosophy that all small business requires the same quality of support as medium and large business, but not the same quantity of support. Richard’s areas of expertise are in Windows based computers and networks, integrating Apple Macs into Windows networks, network and PC security, network design and implementation.  Richard has supported businesses in many industries including medical/dental, legal, advertising/PR, environmental impact reporting, manufacturing, retail and wholesale and service providers. Richard’s goal is to support customers by optimizing computer networks to maximize productivity and minimize risk.

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