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RSETech and Covid-19

As your business works it’s way through the Covid-19 crisis, RSETech is here to help you. We can set up your office network for secure remote access and help you employees with their home computers.

Please call us and we’ll be glad to help.

Optimize Your Network


Whether you are a large company or a small business with a few users, your computers need the same quality of service. Large companies have full time staffs to handle their needs.  A small or mid-sized business doesn’t need a full time staff. The quality of service required for any size business is the same, but the quantity is not.

RSETech combines on-site service with 24/7 remote monitoring and management to give your business the highest level of support it the amount needed.

With RSETech managing you computers, you can focus on growing your business.


Remote monitoring and management

With computers, what you don’t know Can Hurt You

For computer malware and ransomware to work, they have to operate in a stealth mode. If a virus has symptoms, like pop-ups, you will know immediately and can resolve the issue.

Current malware is designed to operate without being noticed. Some malware tracks all your keystrokes and collects your private information. You may never see what it does.  Ransomware works in the background and prepares to encrypt your data and when it is triggered, it displays a message stating that you’ve been hacked and asking for money to give you back your data.


RSETech protects you by:

  • Monitoring your computers 24/7 mitigating any issues if they arise.
  • Maintaining and managing your computers to optimize performance and minimize risks.
  • Providing top level endpoint protection against multi-vectored attacks from email, browsers, apps and files.

Rsetech services

we provide for your computer needs.

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Network and desktop design and implementation

network administration

disaster prevention and data recovery

network and computer security

end-user training and support

support all versions of Windows and microsoft server

remote monitoring and management

Mac integration into windows networks


What We Can Do For You

RSETech specializes in supporting your small business. Located in the Conejo Valley and serving Los Angeles and Ventura counties, we will becoming your IT department. RSETech provides full service support from design through installation, training, troubleshooting, monitoring and maintenance.

Network Administration

There’s more to administering a network than adding users and sharing files.

network design and implementation

Designing new networks and upgrading existing networks

disaster prevention and data recovery

When your computers stop so does your business.

Losing your data could cost you your business.

Remote monitoring and management

Knowledge is King!

Knowing the status of your computers at all time minimizes risks and threats.

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